How Artificial Blue Light is Damaging Your Performance

Knowing that we are both passionate about having a positive impact on our surroundings gives us a wonderful feeling We always knew there were people out there who shared our principles and interests when we founded our firm, SIIZ.

We also know that by reaching you and collaborating with you in this way, our shared vision may spread more quickly and have a greater impact on our environment than if we tried to accomplish it all by ourselves. Everybody who delves deeply into the science and reality of health and wellness, in our opinion, will eventually be brought together by some sort of magnet. We're on the verge of a MAJOR revolution in the field of medicine (maybe by the one in our hearts). We no longer adhere to the old scientific model of materialism because there has been an enormous increase in fascinating new research on quantum biology, which appears to have taken over (thankfully). The time when everything in our world, including science and medicine, could be explained mechanically is passing. In actuality, we have lived under its misconception for far too long.

The old "scientific"/materialistic approach can no longer explain what is happening inside our cells, where there are billions of reactions taking place. Clearly, a much more complex component at play here is the nature of our quantum biology.

"The day science begins to examine non-physical phenomena, it will make more advance in one decade than in all the previous decades of its existence," the genius Nikola Tesla once said.

A healthy, thriving people is bad for those in positions of power, as everyone with even the tiniest interest in truth and health is fully aware of. Of course, the indoctrination of the outdated materialistic model has persisted for reasons we won't go into here. Fortunately, this is coming to an end thanks to like-minded individuals like you, and more and more people are finding hope where there was before utter despair and hopelessness. And this is something that we at SIIZ share with our followers with a great deal of passion.

Regarding the advice of our good sleep glasses, we always include the crucial point that doing things like watching the sunrise in the morning, a little bit throughout the day, and the sunset in the evening might do more wonders for our health and happiness than many of the so-called prescribed drugs that are being prescribed by doctors mechanistical understanding of health because of things like a misaligned circadian clock. Nature has already provided us with all we require and even more, so it is up to us to acclimate ourselves as best we can so that we can flourish and live incredibly vibrant lives.

We at SIIZ will always try our best to keep our followers up to date on the most recent findings that can be useful in the understanding of how to thrive in these modern times, and we are incredibly grateful to have you together with us on our journey towards a healthier future. As we can observe in today's mainstream health industry more and more, we are finally starting to acknowledge the intricate relationship we have with nature in an incredibly fascinating way through Quantum Biology.

Welcome to the fam, fam <3

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