How Artificial Blue Light is Damaging Your Performance

Before diving into the details, it's important to understand the different kinds of colors we see and when they exist in nature and what they do to us and how we have evolved throughout millions of years with this natural light as our main source to signal our bodies to what time it is and what functions to perform.

Blue light has gotten the worst reputation out of all lights, however we need blue light just as much as we need all other lights, the only difference is that the blue light we get from the sun is accompanied by a full spectrum of other colors as well, blue light is the light that energizes and keeps us alert. Having said that, this is why it is important to block blue light at night which is coming from several sources like your beloved phone, screens, lamps, car lights... you name it.

If you live in nature once the sun goes down you go down with it, but given our technological advances, now a days once the sun goes down our personal spaces are lit up with artificial blue lightning and this is no bueno. Why would we humans change millions of years of evolution to suddenly prolong our days way beyond what nature provides and what our bodies are designed to handle without causing any damage? Well we're here to tell you that this has taken a tremendous toll on our health and well being.

You see, our bodies were naturally so well designed by the creator that it had a built-in clock known as the circadian clock which tells our body what time of day it is and what kind of biological functions to perform. It's like a time keeper, which interestingly enough, gets its cues from the sun. 

Let's take morning sunlight and the colors it comes with, red and near infrared, these exact colors have a much different signal than what comes from the blue at mid day and the blue emitted from your phone. (We know today most people are looking at their phone first thing in the morning long before you get natural light on your eyes). The colors in the morning and the signals from those colors are what sets the timer and your biological clock ticking, making you release a healthy dose of cortisol to keep you alert and awake and also signals to your brain to start producing serotonin which later in the night converts to melatonin, the magical but important sleep hormone we all need to get a full deep nights rest. And there's much more...

Let me tell you what happens when you look at your phone first thing in the morning. The light from you phone has a completely different signal than morning sunlight has. The signal from you phone will automatically tell your brain it's in the middle of the day which confuses your brain and can throw your inner biological clock off which eventually may be leading to a cascade of problems down the road, since most of our functions is decided by our biological clock.

So before we tell you about the benefit of our glasses, let us tell you about the sun and how we have been living under its shadows for millions of years and what that has and can do for us if we understand how to utilize it properly. The sunrise, as mentioned, signals to your body it's time to wake up, the mid day sun tells your body its time to be productive and full of energy and the sunset is what signal to us its time to start relaxing and going to sleep. 

You might have heard of melatonin, we're going to simplify it as best as we can. Our bodies and every cell produces it in copious amounts if given the right circumstances which the sun naturally provides, how is that? Well the sun hitting your eyes in the morning is what signals your brain to start producing it, storing it and later releasing it, when the darkness which comes every day when the sun goes down to put you to sleep to repair the damages from the day.

Here is where our "Good Sleep" glasses come into play, our glasses are specifically designed to block the harmful artificial blue light at night which hinders your brain from releasing that melatonin and instead produces the stress hormone cortisol which further keeps you awake and restless and even tricks your body into craving foods late at night by suppressing the hormone ghrelin. (Ghrelin is a hormone produced by enteroendocrine cells of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the stomach, and is often called a "hunger hormone" because it increases the drive to eat.)


SIIZ good sleep glasses were made to help us thrive in our modern world and having the health of someone who lives close to nature. 

Welcome to the SIIZ family

"Let the light outside remind you of the light inside"


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