How Artificial Blue Light is Damaging Your Performance

Why block blue light?

Blue light got the worst part of this whole issue as the therapeutic glasses used to protect us against junk light, took on the generic name blue light blockers. And while it is important to block blue light, it is important to know when to block it and it is also important to block other kinds of light at different times also.

Blue light exists in nature during the day, and it is the reason we stay alert and awake during the day. However, blue light during the day only exists at around 40% on a clear sky day. In nature every other color on the spectrum of light exists too and that is why it is important to get full spectrum during the day. Our SIIZ DayGo’z were technologically made specifically to block 60% of blue light at 455nm to keep your health at optimal level while you work during the day.

As the sun sets and natural light doesn’t exist anymore, we have had the habit of turning on light, but artificial household light has only existed for 150 years. Before that we used to use fire if we needed to light up our night. Now here is the important part from this, as our technology advanced and our light bulbs started using less energy they also started only emitting blue light, and high frequency blue light to be more specific. Whilst fire used to light up our night it was mainly made up of red light on the color spectrum, hence why you couldn’t see very well colors at night if you only used fire.

In nature no other color exists at night except red, and we have had this engrained in our DNA for millions of years. Plus blue light has shown to increase your cortisol and that’s why  our cortisol increases during the day and is supposed to decrease after sunset. But if we stay in an artificially lit environment, specifically LED, fluorescent lights and tech devices then we need to block the junk light emitted from them.

And as I mentioned up top, blue light got the worst of this, however we need to block green light also because it is just as harmful. To start, our SIIZ Eve’z were made for the nights that you want to remain on the healthy path but you just are not ready to sleep yet. Maybe you want to say up and watch a movie or you are socializing with friends or you are just working, our SIIZ Eve’z block all the blue and all the high frequency green up to 520nm.

Now if you want full protection you need the SIIZ Sleeper’z. The SIIZ Sleeper’z block all the blue and all the green up to 550nm, and this has shown to suppress cortisol levels and keep them at bay so that you can get good quality sleep. Another amazing feature of our SIIZ Sleeper’z and this option is not available anywhere else in the market is that they are high luminous too, meaning they still let in a good amount of light while blocking the harmful colors that are associated with our hormonal system.


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