How Artificial Blue Light is Damaging Your Performance

1- Can I buy your products in a store?

For now we only sell online but please stay tuned for updates on where we might be selling them. Sign up here to get updated.


2- Why would we pick SIIZ and not another brand?

Please click here to learn about SIIZ.


3- Do you ship around the world?

Yes if you have a valid address we will get to you.


4- How much does shipping to my country cost?

Aramex rate


5- What is your exchange and return policy?

It’s only a matter of time until you SIIZ the results of our technology. Unlike other brands we have a 90 day exchange and return policy for non-prescription glasses. Click here for more details on our return policy.


6- Which lenses are best for my needs?

Click here for SIIZ Day
Click here for SIIZ Night

7- Are SIIZ glasses heavier than normal glasses?

Our glasses weigh only around 7 grams per pair which is much lighter than regular sunglasses.




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