How Artificial Blue Light is Damaging Your Performance

Welcome to the SIIZ sleep revolution!

A little science on our Good sleep and good day glasses;

We have 2 different types of glasses they are called Good day and Good night. 

The yellow color of our Good day lenses filters out light with wavelengths shorter than 455nm (nanometers). The wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum fall between 380 and 740 nanometers. Our Good Day Lenses are designed to block 95% of the most harmful range of artificial blue light while allowing through the necessary hues for vision, functionality, and health, and letting in just enough light to keep you aware and awake during the day.

The orange hue of our Good night lenses filters out light with a wavelength of up to 530nm, making them ideal for helping your eyes and mind relax before bedtime. As night falls, you may wish to shield your eyes from the blue light emitted by electronic devices and other sources of artificial illumination that keep you awake and alert. Our glasses do exactly this, triggering the body to release more melatonin, leading to better sleep and, in turn, a better quality of life. Our Good Night Lenses provide full protection from the harmful effects of artificial blue and green light, which have been linked to issues with sleep and circadian rhythm.

Acetate, a material made from sustainable sources, is used to encase the lenses in our eyewear. In comparison to the low-quality, petroleum-based plastic frames that are so commonly used, ours have many advantages. They are lighter, last longer, and are better for the environment

Whilst the normal blue blocking companies out there usually only tint their glasses with normal dye and low quality lenses we have been working with one of the best in the field of therapeutic dyes for eye glasses in Florida, and we are proud to say that we have some of, if not the most high luminous lenses on the market which allows more real colors to be observed but still blocks exactly what we want to block at the same time for optimal effectiveness.

Why use night and day lenses?

In contrast to digital devices and light bulbs, which create a distorted spectrum of light that is high in blue and green and low in the therapeutic red and infrared light, blue light from the sun is healthful and delivers the naturally balanced, whole spectrum. Therefore, it's crucial to spend time outside each day to absorb blue light from the sun together with other colors and reduce your exposure to it throughout the day and at night, and we got you covered both day and night.

As an added bonus, the fashionable frames of our good sleep glasses are crafted by professional eyewear designers, so you may look good while you feel wonderful.

Welcome to the sleep revolution.

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